There is no subjective symptoms high cholesterol

Just because the symptoms of high cholesterol and high because those very nasty, it does not mean there is a subjective symptom. This point is similar to such as diabetes. So that you have a complete physical diagnosis frequently, be aware of their own value inspection is important.


This site is a site where you have information transmission for those who want to improve cholesterol is already high and people are alarmed to cholesterol. The person who applies two or more items that are listed below in particular is to watch out.


There are people with diabetes and people of high cholesterol in the family relatives
Currently, there is a habit of smoking
My leg hurts just to walk a little
Achilles tendon is swollen a little
Neutral fat 150mg/dl or more
LDL cholesterol is 140mg/dl or more but


What if ?


Those who are idea if two or more items should be improved as soon . Because , can cause ( myocardial infarction , cerebral hemorrhage , cerebral infarction ) and vascular disease , including atherosclerosis is high.
To lower cholesterol , there are only two basic ways . It is to increase the amount of activity , one is that that is to perform the exercise .


And the other is improvement of eating habits .


Both are important , but it is to be implemented with long-lasting basic improvement of cholesterol . As long as you do not use , such as medicine , and to lower the cholesterol in the state that does not do anything is extremely difficult . Exercise is also important , but important to it than the content of the meal . First of all, lets keep taking it aggressively the active ingredient in diet to eat every day .


For those difficult the life style of the current situation , there is a product health effects of specific called (aka , Tokuho ) from a health food has been scientifically proven in some of the effect. This is a product that has received the permission of the Consumer Agency for each of the products. It is a very effective means to start with an intake of such products.


How to lower cholesterol

What is cholesterol Diet improvement Exercise

To begin with whats wrong with high cholesterol? But did not have the symptoms to high cholesterol? It describes the basis for cholesterol




How to improve cholesterol if any diet. In fact, moderate alcohol consumption is effective. Japanese is good reason






It introduces a simple exercise that can be at home. The trick is that moderate exercise to be carried out after meals lowering cholesterol. A reason to further improve If you do regularly exercise?


Intake method of oil

How to lower slayer in food

Active ingredient is work!

Way of taking the oil is the most important in managing cholesterol. Is it suppressed the cholesterol rise if what ingenuity?





I know this components work? Introducing the slayer food that has not been known unexpectedly. I comment on why food by the food or listening.




The explanation for each component what the active ingredient can help in the prevention and improvement of cholesterol levels. There are many active ingredients to a familiar food