What is cholesterol

The cholesterol is a lipid in the body and human . It is said that the cholesterol , and are widely distributed in the body , not only is only included in the blood .


Framework to make our bodies , muscles , internal organs , nerves, and skin have made ??hundreds of trillions of by the cells , cholesterol is an important material for making a cell of Te them to Baie . It will also be or become material called bile acids or become skeleton when the hormone is made ??in the body , aids in digestion of fats and oils .


In other words , cholesterol is a substance of the must-have for the human body to work normally .


So why bad image do they come with cholesterol ? ?


Cholesterol, this is because it is the reference value has to be greater than the reference is related to health problems.Is referred to as dyslipidemia, state of high cholesterol levels in excess of the standard is a full-fledged disease. I am troubled too much cholesterol is also indispensable.


Normal level of cholesterol

As for cholesterol, where is OK, and where is NG?


In the guidelines about cholesterol on Japanese arteriosclerosis society, the following numerical value is raised by the normal level of cholesterol.


Standard range

Abnormal value

Total cholesterol


233mg/dl以 over


189mg/dl over
LDL cholesterol



man:87mg/dl over、
woman100mg/dl over

HDL cholesterol


40mg/dl under

Detail⇒About a value of cholesterol


※Because an inspection level mentioned above is constitution, age, sex, meal contents, physical condition and changes, what I inspect regularly is important.


I improve cholesterol with medicine

There is a method to improve cholesterol with medicine, but must improve it by a meal and exercise basically. There is the dramatic medicine which lowers total cholesterol 40%, bad cholesterol 30%, but must understand a side effect and a characteristic, a purpose to take before drinking medicine. I gathered it up about the medicine which improved below cholesterol.


The medicine which lowers cholesterol


Kind of cholesterol

The cholesterol, Garimasu good cholesterol and bad cholesterol in general. However, these are the same cholesterol both. Cholesterol is distinguished by the size of the particles flowing through the blood itself. It is not soluble in blood water as a main component, cholesterol, which is a type of fat and neutral fat, I is flowing in the form of particles wrapped in protein to make it easier to adjust to water.


This particle is called lipoprotein, and the lipoprotein is classified in five kinds by weight, and there is two lipoprotein carrying cholesterol mainly in that. I am called HDL that I am called LDL. And the thing which bad cholesterol, HDL die, and a thing included in the LDL is included in is called good cholesterol.


It is repeated, but LDL itself is not at all a bad thing. Far from being bad, the LDL carries cholesterol to the organization (cell) to be necessary; perform an important function. But because cholesterol which a cell needs is limited, there is too much LDL which remained in blood and soaks in a vascular wall and is constipated and lets arteriosclerosis progress because, as a result, LDL is stuck to the inner wall of the blood vessel.


On the contrary, as for the HDL, there is a duty to collect extra cholesterol which there is in cholesterol and a cell stuck to the artery wall over a whole body. If there is much HDL, I send cholesterol which I collected in that way to the liver for reuse in blood and, as a result, stop arteriosclerotic progress.


Because of such duty and action, the LDL is called a good man by evil, the HDL.